How to use the Chip Timing system

This year’s Wilmslow Half Marathon will be using the Chronotrack disposable B-Tag chip timing system (as used in the New York Marathon) supplied by TDL Limited The “B-Tag” chip is part of your race number – as long as your number is put on in the correct way your time will be accurately recorded:

  • Your race number should be clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Do not fold or wrinkle your race number
  • Your race number must be pinned in all four corners
  • Make sure your race number is not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)
Chip Timing System

Race Start

Because we are using chip timing technology there shouldn’t be any need for slower runners to start too close to the front. Your ‘chip time’ only starts when YOU cross the start line. Not only do slow runners starting too close to the front obstruct faster runners leading to frustration, but they also end up with a slower overall time because starting too close to the front usually means they set off too fast. A sensible start alongside runners of your own ability usually means you will get a faster overall time.

Two things to remember with chip timing

1. Make sure your number is worn in the in the correct way (see above).
2. You must ensure you run over the timing mats at the Start and the Finish
If you don’t run over the timing mats or don’t wear a correctly attached race number, you will not appear in the results.

Race Finish

After crossing the timing mats on the finish line, you will collect your goody bag and drinks. There is no need to hand in the race number B-Tag – it is a single-use disposable item.

Crossing the Main Road after the Finish

Police and marshals will be assisting you to cross the main road after the race. To help keep the traffic moving the intention is to cross you in groups approximately every minute. Please assist by following their instructions and not crossing haphazardly.