Photo Album 2006


Keith Parkinson (e-mail link) writes:

I covered the start, then at 4½ miles (start of loop) and then the finish and have got some reasonably OK results despite the gloomy conditions.

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The Start - 10:30am Sunday 19th March 2006
Weather chilly & overcast but with only a light breeze these were ideal running conditions for another huge field:



and already...
the flying Andy Norman had built up an
unassailable lead after only 3 miles!



Here's the action at approx 4½ miles (as the runners started the loop section)



The Finish...



Under 1hr 25mins:



Under 1hr 30mins: (including celebrity runner Amir Khan)



Under 1hr 40mins:



Under 2 hours: (including 2 men in pink thongs)



Finishing in over 2 hours: